Enhanced and republished by the Texas Czech Genealogical Society, September 2004

• Until now, no comprehensive book in English covered this homeland of many Texas immigrants

• Richard Pavlik of Vsetin, Czechoslovakia wrote this book in Czech in 1957

• Arnold Pechal of Temple, Texas commissioned its translation by Jan Vaculik, Editor of Hospodár, the Czech newspaper published in the town of West, Texas

• Sections of the book cover these topics:
  · Settlements of the Vsetin region from the early stone age
  · Preview of common history for all villages of the region from the 13th century
  · Owners of Vsetin village, the surrounding estate and the castle from 1280 until 1949
  · An extensive bibliography of the Vsetin area
  · Changes in the political division of the Vsetin County

•Separate chapters cover each of the 27 villages of Vsetin region giving specifics:
  · Village history
  · Geographic features, subdivision estates, farms, fields, forests, pastures, and meadows
  · Family names; populations and house counts in various years
  · Religions, voting records
  · Occupations, industries, factories
  · Livestock and farm crops
  · Roads, railroads, bridges and dams

•The TCGS English edition adds these new features:
  · A dedication to author Richard Pavlik, his photo and lists of achievements
  · A map of the Vsetin area of southeastern Moravia, the Czech Republic
  · Explanation of three very unique and old terms used throughout the book
  · Photos of 21 of the villages and 21 coat-of-arms symbols
  · A summary surname index grouped by village, including indications of whether the name appears in current Czech Republic phone directories
  · A 17-page, very enlightening monograph commissioned by Arnold Pechal titled "The Beginnings of Emigration from Vsetin County to Northern America Between 1853 and 1855"
  · A list of surnames of emigrants from Vsetin County to America grouped by village
  · A list of current sources and bibliography
  · A section describing the Texas Czech Genealogical Society

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