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Welcome to the TCGS!

It was great to get reacquainted with so many of you this past Saturday at the Annual Membership Meeting.  Having been only marginally involved in the organization these past eight years or so, I had forgotten how warm it feels to see so many energetic people in one place with a common goal in mind:  Texas Czech Genealogy!  In 1999-2000, when Charlene Hurta and I first started dreaming up a genealogical society that would be dedicated to helping people discover and understand their Czech ancestry, we never imagined the scope of what we would be undertaking.  Well here we are now with the organization beginning its 20th year this month.  When we look at what the group has accomplished in the last nineteen years, we see nearly one hundred successful events, dozens of published books and hundreds of people who have discovered their ancestors because of the Texas Czech Genealogical Society.  
I'm happy to be "back in the saddle" again to serve you as President and I look forward to hearing what your ideas are for the Society.  The vision that Charlene and I, and all of those who were present at the birth of this organization had are summed up in these purposes, as stated in our bylaws:
  1. To promote the study of the genealogy of the particular group of people known as "Texas Czechs".
  2. To identify sources of genealogical interest to the Texas Czech Genealogical Community.
  3. To preserve items of genealogical interest to the Texas Czech Genealogical Community and make them available to the public (including, but not limited to, preservation of rare books, manuscripts, vital records and personal notes).
  4. To publish materials of interest to the Texas Czech Genealogical Community, (including, but not limited to, reprints of rare books, manuscripts, vital records, and personal notes).
  5. To provide and promote educational activities directed at aiding individuals in furthering their personal genealogical research activities.
  6. To encourage freely sharing one's genealogical records with members having common ancestors.
Whatever we do, we should continue to look back at these purposes and ensure ourselves that we are fulfilling them.  In the coming months we have several events planned that lead us to meeting our purposes and I hope you will consider joining us at those events.  We have several projects underway that help us fulfill our purposes, too, and I hope you will consider participating in those.  We need your help and your talents.
Please feel free to reach out to me by email at pjjanis@hotmail.com or by phone/text at (979) 574-9848 if I can help answer any of your questions or if you have ideas for promoting our Society's purpose.  We are a purpose-driven organization and our vision for the future is bright!  I invite you to be as active and involved as you are able and willing.
Patrick J. Janis
Texas Czech Genealogical Society

August, 10
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